Couples & Partners Therapy

I welcome couples of all ages, cultural backgrounds and sexual and gender diversity, including partners in non-traditional relationships.


Couples and partners often come to counseling when they have difficulty talking with each other or resolving an issue. Some find that a familiar struggle comes up over and over again.

Counseling is a special opportunity to understand these patterns and explore new kinds of communication and connection. I help to facilitate a more productive conversation in a safe environment and offer skill-based resources to practice from home. This often deepens each partner's growth and self-understanding. 

I also have specialized training in perinatal mental health and fertility counseling and welcome couples and partners with reproductive health concerns. This can include infertility, assisted reproduction, pregnancy loss, alternative families and support for decision-making in the family building process. 

Areas that also bring couples and partners into my practice include:

• improving communication

• pregnancy and birth experience

• early parenting concerns and demands

• managing issues with extended family

• spiritual dimensions of relationship

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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