Individual Therapy


Knowing yourself more fully allows you to create the life, work and relationships that you most deeply want. Our work together can support you with this in several important ways.


First, through a collaborative relationship based on honesty, respect and curiosity. Second, by discovering any patterns or beliefs that may no longer be serving you. Third, by building upon your innate capacity for health and healing.

I welcome people of diverse backgrounds and concerns into my practice. I also have advanced training in reproductive and maternal mental health, including fertility, pregnancy loss and postpartum adjustment.  


Areas that bring people into my practice include:

• relationship issues

• anxiety and depression

• healing from loss or trauma

• perinatal and reproductive health

• building skills and self-esteem

• sexual and gender diversity

• family and early life issues

• identity intersectionality


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.