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Individual Therapy


Many of us carry a particular kind of difficulty due to family, personality, biology, culture or a combination of such factors. Psychotherapy offers a special opportunity to better understand our strengths and challenges and to develop the skills and resources we need to navigate relationships with more vitality, self-awareness and presence.

Our time together can support you with this work in several important ways. First, through a collaborative relationship based on honesty, respect and curiosity. Second, by discovering any patterns or beliefs that may no longer be serving you. Third, by building upon your innate capacity for health and healing.

I welcome people of diverse backgrounds and concerns into my practice and integrate a variety of approaches, both research-based and emergent. My practice is sex positive and kink-affirming.


Areas that bring people into my practice include:

• relationship issues

• anxiety and depression

• healing from loss or trauma

• perinatal and reproductive health

• building skills and self-compassion

• alternative lifestyles and interests

• sexual and gender diversity

• family and early life issues

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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